Our Story

Our Story

Our Story
If you’re looking for a pickle with a genuine homemade taste then look no further, here we are! At Garner’s we offer a delicious range of pickles and chutneys perfect for pepping up your ploughman’s, adding bite to a buffet or livening up your lunchbox.

In the beginning...
...there was a farmer’s wife from Worcestershire who, every year, would preserve some of her fruit and vegetable crop to keep her storecupboard stocked over winter. Friends began to enjoy her little jars of piquant pickles and they also started to make appearances at fetes, markets, delicatessens and speciality food stores. 

The locals developed a bit of a taste for these pickled delights with their distinctive crunchy texture and strong vinegar kick.  As word spread, demand grew and eventually it became clear the farmhouse kitchen table just wasn’t going to do.  Production moved to other premises nearby and eventually to a purpose built facility on farm land in Pershore. 

In 2001 the family-owned and run business Baxters took over the reins at Garner’s, continuing the company’s tradition of quality and taste.
... we still take great pride in hand making our pickles for a real homemade taste.  Every onion is hand peeled and inspected to make sure it passes the Garner’s test before being pickled in the finest malt vinegar.  We’ve stuck to traditional pickling techniques and the original recipe to ensure every Garner’s onion has that trademark taste and crunch.  You could say they’re made with love.

The Garner’s range includes a variety of pickles and chutneys for all tastes and serving occasions.  They make great accompaniments, handy ingredients and simple snacks - all round storecupboard heroes.  If you like to get creative in the kitchen take a look at our recipes for some inspiration.

But for many true pickled onion lovers nothing beats the pure pleasure of that crunchy texture and tangy taste straight from the jar.

So grab your fork and check out our range of  Pickled Onions, Eggs, Cabbage & Chutneys.