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Beetroot and Herring Salad

Beetroot and Herring Salad

Why not use your pickles to give a savoury zing to a popular salad dish.
  1. Dice 250 grams cooked beetroot into 1cm cubes you could use shop bought or cook and peel your own.
  2. Add 100 grams of sweet cured herrings (or cured or smoked salmon or trout if preferred)  diced or sliced, 100 grams of Garner's picked onions finely sliced, two heaped table spoons of sour cream, fresh ground black pepper, mix together.
  3. Leave the mix to infuse for 10 minutes.
  4. Serve with crisp fresh salad leaves and some wholemeal bread.
This makes a great light lunch or starter for a main meal. (If you are counting the calories you could use low fat crème fraiche in place of the sour cream for a really healthy meal)