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Mini Savoury Stax

Mini Savoury Stax

1) From each slice of bread use a scone cutter to cut out 4 circles – or smaller ones if wished.
2) Place pâté in a bowl and using a knife or fork, mash the pâtéto soften and make it more spreadable.
3) Take 2 drained Traditional Pickled Onions and chop finely. Add to pâtéand mix together.
4) Rinse, dry and chop parsley finely, retaining a little for garnish.
5) Place circles of bread on a chopping board and spread half the circles with pâtémix. Place remaining circles on top.
6) Use a little mayonnaise – or you can use leftover pâté- to lightly coat the sides of the “wheels,” then roll each one in the chopped parsley. The herbs will stick to create a smart green overcoat!
7) Decorate as wished - a spot of pâté/ mayonnaise…and, naturally, slices or wedges of Garner’s Traditional Pickled Onions.

Makes approx 16-20 portions. You can make these earlier in the day and chill.