The Perfect Party Pickle

The Perfect Party Pickle

Garner’s pickled onions are an absolute store cupboard essential at Christmas; nothing beats their unique taste and trademark crunch.  Not only are they the perfect party snack, they are also a fantastic ingredient for adding that special something to your Christmas canapés.

Impress your guests with our party nibbles, from the retro Garner’s Cucumber Snake to our contemporary take on cheese and pickle - Grilled Goat’s Cheese Croutes with Pickled Shallots.

Our Garner's Happy Chilli Peppers

Our Garner's Pickle, Smoked Salmon and Mackerel Bites

Try our simple and delicious Mini Savoury Stax

Take a peek at our delicous Goats Cheese Croutes

Or our tasty Haggis Tartlets

And there is always the Cucumber Snake

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