Stage 3

Stage 3

Sterilise your jars, add in your onions and vinegar (select your preferred flavour from our suggestions) and pop away for at least 3 weeks before eating.

Remove the onions from the brine. Rinse them well and then dry them (they really do need to be as dry as you can get them) and then put them in the jars you want to use to store them.

As with jam making, these jars must be sterilised first. We do this by putting them through a hot wash in the dishwasher, or by hand with very hot water. We would recommend you also put them in the oven turned up to 140 degrees Celsius and then, when it has reached temperature, turn off the oven and leave them to cool slightly. Any lid or seals that are to be used should be covered with water in a pan and brought up to a simmer for 10 minutes, and again cooled slightly before use.

With the onions now in the jars, cover them with the vinegar of choice, ensuring that the vinegar comes right up to cover the onions and then seal them. You will now have to be patient and leave for a few weeks before eating.

It is easy so have a go but if like most of us you don’t have time, you could leave it to the experts and just enjoy our fantastic Garner's pickles ready to go straight from the jar.