Stage 1

Stage 1

It's all in the preparation. Select your onions, and jars, and make sure you have a couple of days to spare.

Stage one

Peel your onions. Trimming off the tops and root and take off the outer skin to leave just the green white inside, but be careful not to cut too much off the root you want to leave enough of the base intact to hold the onion together when it’s in the jar.

In a pan you need to make up a brine mixture. Start by pouring 250g of salt into two litres of water and stirring well so that it is fully dissolved. Pour this over the onions and, if it doesn’t cover them, make up some more water in the same proportions (try a further one litre of water with 125g of salt).

When there is sufficient brine mixture to cover all of the onions, put a couple of plates on top of them to keep them under the water and leave them for at least 12 hours ideally 24 hours but not longer. (Don’t leave them any longer or they may start to go soft).